Pray against Obama/ say a prayer for the Pre-Borns/ from Lawrence Abello sj

Obama is the typical, “pro-choice” relativistic atheist constructing his own truth. When Pastor Warren asked the two presidential candidates at what stage protection of human life must begin, John McCain answered ‘at conception’, whereas, Obama tried to confuse the issue by claiming that the question has both theological and scientific dimensions. He concluded that the answer is above his pay grade. Later on, he admitted that he had given a flippant answer. For Obama the truth is not determined by reality but can be twisted and turned to suit his purposes in different situations. If Obama cannot answer from what stage human life must be protected, how can he be so adamant in pursuing policies that afford no protection to the preborn child!

Lawrence Abello sj, my friend.  

My notes:

The US goes to vote on the 4th of November, and the fate of the world hangs by a thread. Obama has a confirmed pro-abortion, pro- artificial contraception view-point. He is  unwilling to stop gay and lesbian marriages.

These are great mistakes. My own Hindu beliefs and personal intellectual quests have convinced me of the great evils of abortion, contraception ( artificial) and homosexuality.

I ask you to pray that Obama is defeated.