Reading 279, from Erich Kastner, or, ON Fundamentalism.

I am reading Fatherland by Robert Harris, a dystopia about what might have happened had the Nazis remained in power. A remarkable book with some spirited poetry quoted from Erich Kästner :
You love hatred and want to measure the world against it.
You throw food to the beast in man,
That it may grow the beast deep within you!
Let the beast in man devour man.

- Marschliedchen (1932)

These lines are more poignant now for us in the subcontinent for the Taliban are knocking at our doors. They insist on pretty much the same things all fanatics everywhere stress on : purity, God and salvation of the soul. The Nazis, by the way demanded the same. And let us not for one moment imagine that they or any other fanatics are trying to glorify God; all they want is power. For some of us sex does the trick, food works for others, God-cackle does for this lot.If you are a Caucasian reader thinking fundamentalists are not in your midst, you are wrong ma’m/mister. The Bible quoting freak who loves buggery but tells your kid in school to be chaste is as good as the freak-show Talib who shoots kids for singing nursery rhymes in the Swat Valley. The fundamentalists are everywhere and they are gaining in power.

The fanatic is right next door to you. Wherever you are , whoever you are, you are not safe till you protest. No amount of career jingoism, no amount of ostrich- existence can stop the next 9/11 unless you protest. Defeat fundamentalism with your very last breathe. The Anti-Christ has many Medusa-heads. S/he is everywhere, in our midst. S/he quotes the Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita. S/he speaks of God, Allah and Brahma. Nonetheless s/he has hatred in her/his heart. Be warned, my friend. Be afraid.

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A few questions to my Muslim sisters and brothers


Again and again we are being bombed by Islamic Fundamentalists. Again and again there is a cry for us to soften anti-terror laws. Again and again we are asked to stop persecuting minorities in the name of terror. But would some Muslims answer the following?

a) How on earth would we know who amongst you is a terrorist or not?

b) What are you doing to ferret out scoundrels amongst yourselves?

c) If you ask us Hindus to be secular, why are you folks not so?

d) Are Indian Muslims not Indians? Then why are you so protective of the bad elements within you?

e) Does Allah teach you to kill other human beings?

f) What will you do after this carnage at Mumbai? May be, you will ask for the arrest for Hindus for this attack or cry wolf that you are being being persecuted needlessly?


Lord rid us of spineless politicians and cowards who fire on innocent people in your Holy Name

Reading 259, from Sándor Ferenczi


These children [abused or in incestuous relationships] feel physically and morally helpless, their personalities are not sufficiently consolidated in order to be able to protest, even if only in thought, for the overpowering force and authority of the adult makes them dumb and can rob them of their senses. The same anxiety, however, if it reaches a certain maximum, compels them to subordinate themselves like automata to the will of the agressor, to divine each one of his desires and gratify these; completely oblivious of themselves they identify with the aggressor.

The Confusion of Tongues Between Adults and Children: The Language of Tenderness and of Passion.

Sándor Ferenczi

My notes:

Religion is all about empowering the helpless. And life is all about escaping structures of domination and hegemony. At the level of the microcosm of the family, we find that the worst overwhelming that can happen to anyone is when her or his trust in adults is betrayed. The very same adults she trusts. I am talking of the worst kind of child abuse here; incest. If we are to be truly religious we need to wake up to this evil in ours families ( Incest : A New Perspective, Mary Hammer, 2002, UK ).

Ferenczi is a much neglected psychoanalyst. He needs to be studied anew. His work for the welfare of children is revolutionary. May be that’s why Freud junked this old time friend.


God help me to resist and destroy pedophiles.

When children have to eat slime

Zimbabwe is starving. There is no food anywhere. Even money cannot buy food, for the shops are empty. People are not only eating old rotting food from the dirt-vats in urban areas but are also scooping up mud and eating the same with dirty water. This is hunger.

& the world has forgotten Zimbabwe…

My readers, please offer up to God your own sufferings for tonight to the cause of Zimbabwe. We cannot rest easy when this genocide is happening there. While you and I eat and sleep well today, people in Zimbabwe are shrieking with hunger pangs. & none listens to them…

As the Oblates of St. Benedict say: it is our duty to pray for a world which refuses to pray for itself.

Pray against Obama/ say a prayer for the Pre-Borns/ from Lawrence Abello sj

Obama is the typical, “pro-choice” relativistic atheist constructing his own truth. When Pastor Warren asked the two presidential candidates at what stage protection of human life must begin, John McCain answered ‘at conception’, whereas, Obama tried to confuse the issue by claiming that the question has both theological and scientific dimensions. He concluded that the answer is above his pay grade. Later on, he admitted that he had given a flippant answer. For Obama the truth is not determined by reality but can be twisted and turned to suit his purposes in different situations. If Obama cannot answer from what stage human life must be protected, how can he be so adamant in pursuing policies that afford no protection to the preborn child!

Lawrence Abello sj, my friend.  

My notes:

The US goes to vote on the 4th of November, and the fate of the world hangs by a thread. Obama has a confirmed pro-abortion, pro- artificial contraception view-point. He is  unwilling to stop gay and lesbian marriages.

These are great mistakes. My own Hindu beliefs and personal intellectual quests have convinced me of the great evils of abortion, contraception ( artificial) and homosexuality.

I ask you to pray that Obama is defeated.

I.P. Address of a Child Abuser: pls cross post ; ferret him out; his email is included

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i love little kids sometimes i dream of RAPEING U LITTLE BITCHES

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Cry, my India: blasts in Tripura & a Curse

This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle,    
This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,
This other Eden, demi-paradise,
This fortress built by Nature for herself
Against infection and the hand of war,
This happy breed of men, this little world,
This precious stone set in the silver sea,
Which serves it in the office of a wall
Or as a moat defensive to a house,
Against the envy of less happier lands,—
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.


( Instead of England, read India)

My notes:

We are being daily attacked by Islamic Fundamentalists. Our pretty pols are saying that they’ll catch the bastards and settle their hash. But when? Sniffer dogs roams our streets, the malls are unsafe and the Islamic eunuchs are on the prowl.

Eid Mubarak to you my dear Jihadis. This is what I wish for you:

a) Your mother and sister die like beggars.

b) Your dearest ones have cripples for kids.

c) You survive to die of excruciating pain and madness.

Inshallah God will bless you with deformed kids.

Go see Mumbai Meri Jaan & here a pic of a Terrorist :-)

Mumbai Meri Jaan

Mumbai Meri Jaan

If you are a Terrorist, this movie will at least dim momentarily that mad light darkening everything in your cess-pool  minds. & if you are an average Indian, well, it’d help you to see the movie to feel the mischief that has already happened because gals and guys like you chose and continue choosing to keep mum in a mad world.

First we chose to honor the British for kindly ruling us. Now we are welcoming Pakistan to take over Kashmir and have made the right noises to China for taking away Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim.  So what is left?

Oh, why not have a Caliphate from Afghanistan to Burma. Then we can all make merry!

My dear Moderate Muslim / Hindu Sisters and Brothers,

I am terrified. My country and yours of course, is facing irascible enemies. We never knew the likes of these. It is sad when people murder others for the sake of Allah and Hari. India will never again be able to shake of her slumber if we let Kashmir and any of ours states go. Think about it: while every single nation in this valley of tears is religiously oriented ( including Anglo-Saxon, Christian America where black Obama is a way of ensuring that blacks feel good that they have their guy at the top), we are the only one where  religion does not matter at all. We the sane have nowhere else to go.

For preserving our selves we must fight this insidious enemy. Ferret out terrorists if you know them and swear by your lives never to allow Kashmir or any other state secede.

The Jews were complacent and see what Hitler did to them!

Bande Mataram,


I provide below the picture of a terrorist:

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When perverts post: ISP ,

Thanks for the image!

This has been ratified by the victim for posting, I had contacted her and she is now contacting the cops. She tells me that this is her creepy ex on her. This PERVERT chose this sacred space to hit out at a woman whom he had grievously hurt before.

Cross post this and sensitize everyone you know about this rascal.

Religion is all about justice…

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I like to break people up, because I am obsessed by doing black magic.

I like to pray to Shiva to break people up because I am pathetic.

I like to hurt people if they will not go out with me.

I like to stalk people and stare at their picture so that they will one day come to me.

I like to cause problems in other peoples lives because I am obsessed.

My name is #######

I am a bitch.

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When I Preach, LOL ;-)


One of my readers here says she is losing hope once too often. Well, it may be normal to lose hope. Nonetheless I have some concrete suggestions to stay sane in a mad mad world.

It is not possible to always be in touch with holy people for they are the only ones who can dispel without any preaching every doubt. By holy, I mean not someone simply good, but someone who is a Yogi, who practices the Presence of God. So what should we do when we do not have the luxury of such close living with saintly folks? We must read…from there will follow prayer and quiet.

I give the names of five books which touched me and soothed me, may be you too will profit from them:

a) Dickens’ David Copperfield.

b) Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament of the Bible.

c) The sixteenth chapter of the Gita

d) King Lear

e) Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning

Frankl had to come to terms with his time in a Nazi concentration camp. LOL, how bad can it get for anyone of us? And then there is David, see his rotten life and the Preacher in Ecclesiastes tells us that all, after all is only vanity…que sera, sera…

Enjoy the luxury of being sad, depressed and kick-assed for there are folks in our world who don’t even have the time to think of breathing for they are serving others.

Please go out and help others when you feel low…my spiritual director made me study 8 hours a day and work with the Missionaries of Charity for two hours daily when I had said to him that I no longer believed in God. Sigh :-( I miss him! He is dead…