How to remain healthy : a few supplements

Good health does not mean having a muscular body. It means being disease free, mentally fit and an ability to work for longer periods of time without feeling exhausted. The person in search of God should have the physical ability to work steadily over time and in a disciplined manner. In this post I talk about some Ayurvedic herbs and other supplements which might help a person to maintain good health. They complement exercises, good diet and deep sleep. I buy my Ayurvedic stuff from here.

Adaptogens are biochemical agents which stabilise the body. If you have high pressure, they lower the pressure. If you have low pressure, they tend to raise the pressure. I take Tulsi and Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is a key ingredient in Ayurvedic preparations ( a rasayana herb). Tulsi is an analgesic and anti-viral. Ashwagandha is an anti-stressor and aphrodisiac ( hearsay). There are no better aphrodisiacs than good health, freedom from monetary worries and an understanding partner! Both Tusli and Ashwagandha are anti-cancerous. 

I also take Guduchi daily. It is a broad spectrum anti-viral and immunomodulator.

I have a family history of heart diseases, so I take low dose atorvastatin daily. The statins‘ benefits outweigh their risks for the right population. Please consult your cardiologist before taking statins.

You need to be aware that all forms of calcium are not easily digestible, consult your doctor and discuss with her of the possibilities of taking calcium carbonate in conjunction with calcitrol and vitamin K-2 7. Folic acid too, a very necessary nutrient cannot be absorbed by most people, ask your doctor for the form of folic acid which can be easily digestible. 

Disclaimer: Tulsi causes infertility in rare cases. Ashwagandha is not to be taken with anti-depressants. Please consult a doctor before taking these and other supplements mentioned in this post.

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