Where is God when someone is raped/abused?


I do not know why God allows unspeakable crimes to happen. But they do happen and they do not negate the God experience. 

I have never been abused or raped so it is difficult for me to really speak for those who suffer such unbearable trauma. But as a spiritual counsellor I am disturbed about the realities of sodomy, rape and child abuse. I ponder over the incomprehensible suffering of the victims.

I have concluded through my eye of Faith, that God suffers with the powerless and the helpless for God is often rendered powerless by Her Love for us. God is present when someone is powerless, naked in the face of aggression and utterly alone. God suffers with the suffering. No other explanation is possible. 

But this does not make the abuser or the rapist pardonable. The perpetrator is a criminal, woman or man. S/he needs to be punished in an exemplary manner. May be castrate the male and perform lobotomy on the female abuser/rapist. 

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