Pedophilia or Child Abuse

She is happy because she is being turned into a Lolita? Bull crap.

In our own times there is

The monster Fritzl

a monster who raped his own daughterin his own house’s specially built cellar and then raped her some more. He kept the secret to himself and mind you, he did not care a fig that his

The pic is enough

grandchildren were his own children. His name is Joseph Fritzl.  A decent Austrian gentleman, if you please. He sometimes took

The bastard took relaxed massages in Thailand when his daughter and grandchildren starved

relaxed vacations in Thailand with his wife. The daughter and his grandchildren/children through this exercise of power could vanish for all he cared. He had seven kids with his daughter and one more who died of respiratory problems. Alleluia. God be praised, the rape victims’ bellies be raised.

In our own backyards of New Delhi we have

On the left is the rich Pandher and on the right is his cannibal stooge Kohli

the businessman duo of Pandher and Kohli.The former raped minors and the latter literally cooked and ate them up, all the time smacking his lecherous lips.

Human brain must be so tasty. Yak!

How are children for dessert? For you and I all this may be gross but for these gentlemen children are fit as adult human beings to be tortured and even, eaten.

And let us not forget those great abusers who still roam free:

The Christian Brothers really should have put up this sign board on many of their schoolss

the Christian Brothers of Ireland, Australia and Canada. They formed what came to be known as sex-rings where one Brother told the other brother which boys were susceptible and how each Brother had a duty to keep mum; everything for the sake of God: that Holy Gentleman who allows such perversions to occur.Those greatly scholarly men, the members of

The cartoon says it all.

the Society of Jesus in Boston, Germany and Alaska showed their true colours. They treated the children entrusted to them as puppies. Most of these men of the cloth had

Gentlemen raping boys

a taste for the rears of young boys. Yak! Again what is repulsive for you and I is tasty to perverts.

Let’s have a look what child abusers think when they rape little kids and why they do it:

  • I am at a loss for words

    They think kids to be smaller versions of adults. In their criminal way of thinking the best way to shag off is to do it to children for the latter are powerless anyway.And even the most amateur psychologist will tell you that often sex is all

    It is so cool to scream at a kid. S/he cannot scream back! Again, Bull crap.

    about power. So go for the little ones. Christ had asked that the little ones be not prevented from coming to him. A large section of the Catholic clergy took the counsel to heart and welcomed the little one with open arms and naked genitalia. Amen.

  • Adult wo/men have the power to cry foul and deny sex to the aggressor. In short, they might be able to prevent rapes. This frightens the perverts. They have to jack off and the best way is to go after kids. The latter cannot protest and hence their silence is taken to be consent. See the weird reasoning: someone sneaks into a five year old’s  bed  and then fondles her/him and because the kid is shit scared, s/he does not protest; the perpetrator thinks it is okay to do this year after year.
  • Children are the weakest links in our societies. They trust easily; they want warmth and are naturally afraid of bogey-men. They really will believe that if they spill the beans that their all –cool uncle or super-dad is sexually abusing them every night, then not only they will be murdered in cold blood but also their moms. So they withdraw into their own selves and become neurotic and more often than not, later in life, psychotic.
  • There just happens to be wo/men who simply cannot handle other wo/men of their own age. They are scared and suffer from inferiority complexes. These just cannot have meaningful relationships with adults. They natural gravitate to kids.


What does child abuse do to kids and to those same kids when they grow up?

  • The child loses interest in her environment. S/he becomes withdrawn and exhibits false dyslexia and autism. Increasingly the child suffers from anxieties which might lead to somatoform disorders.
  • Academic grades fall and the child slowly becomes submissive and passive to all other aggressions in her life.
  • S/he starts distrusting all adults around her.
  • S/he tries to escape into a fantasy world of her own, sowing the seeds of psychosis.
  • As adults they are at high risks of first developing

    The prodromal curve

    prodromal syndromes and then proceed to full blown schizophrenia.

  • Most adult victims suffer from severe phobias and

    See the connection?


  • They have problems forming stable bonds with their spouses and close ones.
  • They might become drug/substance abusers.
  • They do badly in their jobs, finding it hard to keep at one job for too long.
  • They suffer from bouts of anger.
  • In rare cases they might either be frigid, promiscuous or erotomanic


I shall be very short on the treatment of those who are so brutalized in their childhood:

1.)    You HAVE to take anti-obsessives, anti-depressants and sedatives under a neuropsychiatrist.

2.)    You HAVE to be in therapy using one or more of the talking cures.

3.)    You Have to come to terms with what happened to you within the soteriology (salvation history) of your religion. The latter really did nothing for you to begin with.


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