Reading 343, some passing comments on the Chāndogya Upaniṣad and some high profile Hindu converts to Catholicism

Swami Lokeswaranandaji’s

I never got to meet the Swami except through his writings, if my Hindu converts to Catholicism came by him they surely would not have converted

Bengali annotation and trans-creation of the Upanishads in two volumes from Ananda Publishers is a treat. ( I cannot help but have a dig at three prominent Hindus who converted and became Catholics: the present Jesuit Provincial of the Kolkata Jesuit Province,

A man I have never met, Hinduism's loss and the Catholics's gain...what i have heard of him is he is a saint...see my previous post about him

Sister Nirmala Joshi,

When I was a kid, I used to visit and spend time with the Missionaries of Charity, cloistered at Sealdaha where then Sr. Nirmala was I came very close to her and the other sisters there...very holy women all but Sister you could have not converted and yet entered deeper into God's service

the last superior general of the Missionaries of Charity and her sister who is an Apostolic Carmelin my part of India: all three of you wouldn’t have converted had you really studied the Upanishads. And the deep annotations of Shanakaracharya,

My Hindu converts to Christianity, you can choose any religion in the world and become one of them, but it was your great good fortune to be born a Hindu, which sadly your frittered away

 c’mon buddies you left the most liberal religion in the world for something which after so much immersion from every theologian like Lonergan,

I read Fr. Dr. Coelho's blog daily

to the ancient works of St. Bruno, I have justifiably rejected. Any way by-gones are by-gones, you acquired some good karma becoming monastics in those otherwise very conservative groups. By your insistence on heaven you will have heaven but not be one with the Brahman…) .

I, the arch irreligious blogger, have started enjoying his preface to this Upanisad. I have learnt so far some every basic stuff which I did not know: the first five chapters in this Upanisad is about dualism and ways to achieve name, fame, heaven etc. the last three chapters is on how to achieve the state of samadhi and advaita. As I progress I shall share with you more about this Upanisad. 


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One thought on “Reading 343, some passing comments on the Chāndogya Upaniṣad and some high profile Hindu converts to Catholicism

  1. Very interesting. More than anything, I would like to follow the transition from duality to advaita in the Upanishads.

    Can’t really comment on covnersion, for I haven’t given a serious thought on the subject. Though I feel,( at this stage ) that while religion is more to do with a sense of ‘belonging’ to a tradition, understanding the ‘spirit’ is different. It has to be a discovery – while all conventional religions are based on ‘bonding’, getting along….so on and so fortth

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