Reading 342, about the Norway massacre and the e-flier of Horror in Film and Literature ( I am a member of this great and learned group of scholars trying to figure out the nature of evil)

As I had written earlier I love/live/devour horror movies

That's what horror movies highlight; how we are gagged by society and so called social mores. No doubt so called decent folks hate and malign the genre

and literature.

So today in my List-Serve I received this letter which again highlights the idiocy (as has been pointed out by the senior member) that horror fans have to face. The letter is penned by one my best correspondents ( I have never been in touch with him but his comments on horror and everything related to the genre I look forward to.)

Hi all -

Like probably every decent person, I was horrified by the massacre in Norway.

This BAST*** deserves to be dunked in a cesspool and kept alive there

 But later, I was also aggravated by a post a friend made on Facebook:

“And people wonder why I’m not into horror movies. Who needs them when things like this happen?”

I don’t know about other people here, but I get really sick of comments like this. There’s an implication in there that something is wrong with people who like horror, that perhaps we’re not appalled enough by real-life horrific events and have to go trolling for more.

The other thing that irritates me is that the person who wrote this is a big fan of action movies. You know, movies which often portray mass killings as light-hearted entertainment. Where the heroes often rack up bigger body-counts than the villains. Movies where shooting people is the right thing to do.

So why are so many people so upset by horror movies, which by definition present violence and death as horrifying, and yet totally blasé about action movies, where violence is usually presented as being fun?


Do you know what really makes me sick? The news as entertainment. Much of what’s presented on the news is stuff that does not impact on our lives and, to be honest, is none of our business: someone else’s tragedy offered up as something to keep us tuned in past the next ad break. Meanwhile, things that would actually be useful to know (e.g. decisions that elected officials are making and why they are making them) are not being reported because that’s not as “entertaining” as the latest shooting or celebrity scandal. That’s the real exploitation.


The horror is her age and her as has been written in the letter, our real concern should not be the photo above, the world over we need to be scared of our immature and self-serving politicians


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