Reading 335, two sites to buy books online from ( they are heavily discounted )

I do most of my buying from &

In this post I shall talk about how to go about buying books ( again I want to tell you that the opinions expressed here are my own and I have interacted with these sellers and have made substantial purchases from each of them). I must advise younger readers to seriously think of reading e-books for storing and caring for paper-books is a headache. Also try to get memberships in libraries. Since I am in academia, I get money from the government to buy books relevant to my academic works. Otherwise, books are pretty costly and beyond the reach of the middle-classes.

Firstly, I have discontinued shopping with . They could not get me most of their advertised books and the discounts are much less than at other sites. Yet I had spent huge sums to buy books from their site. As I said, I have now discontinued buying books from them. They had a bad experience with me, as I had with them. So my views about this site is biased and should not discourage you from hunting for bargains from their site too. They did try to win me back with Promo Codes. 

Now there are really two very good sites for buying books. is very very good, and they generally get me all the books I want. But in spite of being a really high-ticket buyer of books from them, I have had no incentives in the way of promo-codes etc. from them. Those would have been appreciated a lot. has an excellent delivery mode but the prices of books are slightly higher by and large than at  . Again I have the same grouse as I have with I have spent thousands here but have received no further discounts to encourage me from buying more from . has loyalty programmes for their compulsive buyers. The two sites I frequent and buy books for huge sums have not rewarded me in any way. That really hurts. 

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One thought on “Reading 335, two sites to buy books online from ( they are heavily discounted )

  1. Your article was good to read, regarding your online book shopping experience; by any chance did you come to buy books from because they are the premier booksellers in India from 1987, it is operated by the leading Indian retail chain business group called Trent-Tata a Tata Group of Companies, Landmark ltd, owns the Indian publishing property called Westland and somewhere from one my acquaintances i came to hear that Flipkart is receiving books from Westland in order to sell and deliver to their customers but i don’t know how true this information and i don’t want to argue about this just wanted to furnish the information that’s all. I specifically recommend landmark stores since it is the only place i have always used to shop books, i don’t understand what it feels to shop at the bookstore but the experience and the atmosphere i feel at the time of shopping books at landmark store is really what makes me always to go for a book shopping to their stores. Their online book shopping was also the same kind of experience like what you have said about the “two sites to buy books online” most of the time when i compare prices for the books that i plan to buy i got end-up in at the end to buy that book for the cheapest available price.

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