Reading 314, from the Mahanirvana Tantra

Then, with the wine in the cup of the Guru, offer oblations to the line of Gurus. in the first place to the worshipper’s own Guru seated together with his wife on the lotus of a thousand petals, and then to the Parama Guru, the Parapara Guru, the Parameshti Guru successively. In offering oblations to the four Gurus, the Vagbhava Vija should first be pronounced, followed in each case by the names of each of the four Gurus.Then, with wine from the cup of enjoyment, the worshipper should, in the lotus of his heart, offer oblations to the Adya−Kali. In this oblation Her own Vija should precede, and Svaha should follow Her name. This should be done thrice. Next, with wine taken from the cup of the Shakti,

Sex is good, in my knowledge amongst the major religions of the world only Hinduism stresses on the power of sex to liberate one to reach Brahaman

oblation should be similarly offered to the Devata of the parts of Her body and their Avarana−Devatas. Then, with the wine in the cup of the Yogini, oblation should be offered to the Adya−Kalika,

O ye men of this world, take note of the power of femininity, not to seduce your weak bodies but bestride this colossal world

carrying all Her weapons and with all Her followers.  

Translated by Arthur Avalon.






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