Contemplation 276, from Sanjeev Chopra, IAS & Free Downloadables


Life has a way of teaching us: breaking down barriers and making us free. As my readers both here and at Instablogs already know, I really dislike our bureaucrats. They seem to me utterly self-serving, generally foolish and characteristically hedonistic. To boot, while they are mostly highly paid clerks living on the fat of this land, they call themselves fancy names to maintain the mai baap colonial status quo.

Thus I was in for a rude shock when I made the acquaintance of a Mr. Chopra, Secretary to the Government of West Bengal in a somewhat crowded train. The first thing that stuck me was that this man (notice I am not yet calling him a ‘gentleman’) was thanking very softly the porter who helped him with the luggage. In fact, I noticed he unassumingly thanked people  who even slightly helped him. So this piqued my interest: the regular business/corporate or Civil Servant types never thank anyone. Here was a man, obviously a biggie in some sphere thanking non-entities.

Then we fell a-talking: Mr. Chopra attends my Professor, P. Lal’s weekly Mahabharat classes. He is an Indian-writing- in- English afficiando and most importantly, a man searching after the Divine. His insights were calmly put forward but not less for this in their effect on me. The shocker for me was that he happens to be an IAS. I could not resist and abused loudly  the whole lot as ******es. What stuck me was that Mr. Chopra did not shout me down, nor agree to what I said: he politely asked me to rethink my comments etc. Religion is useless unless lived: this gentleman lives his Divinity in his daily life. His humility touched me so that I somewhat see the error of my ways.

He is genuinely concerned for our nation and unlike most of  us ( read hypocrites) told me candidly that he had a good, smooth life and now wants to do something for the country. He has already positively impacted our pension-sector, for example.  I am so impressed by his wisdom and manner of living and thinking that I exhort you my reader, to download the attached PDF file and the Power Point Presentation.

Mr. Chopra has himself created them. He has allowed us to freely use his ideas.

Nonetheless I request my readers to acknowledge him whenever using the above Presentation or free eBook.

ps. you can click on the coloured words/links above to download the free stuff.

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One thought on “Contemplation 276, from Sanjeev Chopra, IAS & Free Downloadables

  1. I was born and brought up in a small town in Koraput district of Orissa. After 45 years of living there I got a chance to be at Bhubaneswar, the State Capital. Here I happened to see some top level Officers etc. from close. After the closer view of these hi-fi people, suddenly one name came into my mind. Mr. Sanjeev Chopra, IAS. But he is no where in the Orissa set-up. To day while browsing aimlessly, I came across this nice article about him.
    I also have similar experience with him, when he was the DM & Collector, Koraput and took initiations for the ‘PARAB’ Tribal Festival. Subsequently, his actions were imitated by other Districts in the state.

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