A few questions to my Muslim sisters and brothers


Again and again we are being bombed by Islamic Fundamentalists. Again and again there is a cry for us to soften anti-terror laws. Again and again we are asked to stop persecuting minorities in the name of terror. But would some Muslims answer the following?

a) How on earth would we know who amongst you is a terrorist or not?

b) What are you doing to ferret out scoundrels amongst yourselves?

c) If you ask us Hindus to be secular, why are you folks not so?

d) Are Indian Muslims not Indians? Then why are you so protective of the bad elements within you?

e) Does Allah teach you to kill other human beings?

f) What will you do after this carnage at Mumbai? May be, you will ask for the arrest for Hindus for this attack or cry wolf that you are being being persecuted needlessly?


Lord rid us of spineless politicians and cowards who fire on innocent people in your Holy Name

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One thought on “A few questions to my Muslim sisters and brothers

  1. We ourselves are victim of terrorism. In our capital the largest hoel was recently bombed down. Our western borders are massacred by fictitious Taliban, who are supposed to be funded by some elements from some foreign country. Our economy was recently on the verge of collaspe due to the conspiracy of foreign elements. But we still are looking for peace! I am a Muslim Chauhan Rajput. I love your people. Everyone here in Islamabad loves you people.. then what for this distrust?

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