Reading 247, from Bro. Sean sdb

You know you’re stubborn when even your friends call you stubborn. Don Bosco was that stubborn and thank God he was!

One event that I have been reflecting on recently is an event that took place in the late 1840s. Some of the other priests who ran similar Oratories (Youth Centers) wanted to merge with Don Bosco and thus would form a united youth movement of sorts. Don Bosco however would have none of it.

It seems that whereas these other priests and youth workers were great at bringing boys together, their method of education (mostly their lack of education to the faith and their deep involvement in politics) was a clear indication to Don Bosco that they did not share his vision of how to work with the young and the poor. With charity he encouraged these other Oratories to continue working for the good of the young boys, but would not allow the merger to take place which would entail sacrificing the project God was calling him to complete.

Even though being stubborn is usually abhorred by modern society, as we are a people who strive for unity, cooperation, and collaboration, sometimes it is a necessity when working for the Lord. Sometimes the Lord will share with us a vision, a sort of explanation of how to start a project or complete a project and even though we may be ridiculed sometimes we have to cling to it stubbornly while also encouraging those who don’t share the vision with love.

I think that collaboration, cooperation and unity are extremely important, but there are certain moments in life where if we pander to these we will end up handing over the very things we stand for and so we must discern these opportunities carefully with love and prayer.

I think donkeys are smarter than we think, sometimes it is good to be stubborn, as long as we always remember to act out of charity and are constantly listening to the call of God in our lives.

Stay With Don Bosco

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