Reading 216, from Je Tsongkhapa

1. With body, speech and mind fully aligned,

I prostrate fervently before those rare beings,

who are victorious over all notions of limitations…

May a cosmic celebration of pure poetry,

perfectly expressing the most subtle teaching

of these victorious sages and the inheritors of their wisdom,

now burst forth like an infinite garden in perpetual spring.

3. If shadows of negativity are not dispelled immediately,

these strange, insubstantial absences of light

gain immense potency with every new action,

until even those who understand the dangers of negation

will not have enough power to choose the way of Clear Light.

Even those who study philosophy and speak eloquently

are unable to release themselves from illusory darkness.

Je Tsongkhapa, Great Dharma King of the Three Realms

from, Mother of the Buddhas by Lex Hixon

My notes:

I had bought this book some time ago. Just got round reading it last week. I am startled to see how ancient Buddhism dealt with depression. First, is a prayer which brings a new orientation to the depressed mind and then follows the self-analysis giving way to self-therapy.

This particular book initially deters the amateur but a bit of plodding clears the air.

Thanks for the Image!

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