Reading 205, from Willa Cather

Art and religion (they are the same thing, in the end, of course) have

given man the only happiness he has ever had.

Willa Cather

The Professor’s House

My notes:

This is a very simple fact but over the centuries we have debated and negated this: artists, both writers and visual creators, are deeply religious people. St. Thomas Aquinas says the same thing about the interchangeability of art and religion. The Catholic Liturgy, for example, is High Drama…Cather is a very sensitive writer. Read her!

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One thought on “Reading 205, from Willa Cather

  1. I love Willa Cather from the first time I read My Antonia! There’s something so refreshing about her stories in that they seem real–about real people and real lives–without trying to put some sort of deep veneer thesis over the whole work, but just letting the stories breathe and speak for themselves. Bravo, Willa!

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