Blurred details of the heart

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A no is a no even when there’s no sing …

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I hear you shut the door
Leaving perhaps for something more
I hear you climb down the stairs
Never believing that thing about immortal pairs

I imagine the letter slipped under the door
Left blank as you wouldn’t know what to say
It’s ok I’ve always read between the lines
A no is a no even when there’s no sign

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I Am Thin, Dark (And Against Racism.)

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This is one of the best articles I have read on our best kept national secret — congrats. I am reblogging you. Great and incisive going. Thanks for sharing.

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Being a skinny and dark complexioned person, I have been hearing different types of comments since childhood. I am sure many of you must have read posts relating to this topic. But I have to write about it because I have survived through consistent nagging and have got some extra points here.

People who are stout crave to become slim. What many people don’t know is that, there are thin people who crave to put on some weight. The other day, my sister and I were saying how lucky we were. We could eat anything in any amount and not grow fat. But there are some sadists around me who keep pointing out that I was unfortunate to be thin (and dark complexioned). Well, mostly, they are called relatives! :D ;) So invariably, after every family get together, I reach home dead depressed about how ugly I look. But soon, I am…

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Madhura Bhakti – The story of the divine love.

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Dheera sameere…    Yamuna theere…

Vasathi Vaney Vanamaali…

(Near the serene waters of Yamuna lived the Vanamaali)

He was the life breath of Gopis in Brindavan… The one with the peacock feather… The lotus eyed cowherd boy…

It was time  to leave for Mathura. He bids farewell to Yashoda and all others. He then proceeds to meet Radha. It was only Krishna who knew how pure her love for him was.  He kept thinking as to how to face her tears and how on earth to console and comfort her. As he was walking towards the Yamuna river where Radha would be, he could see her still form waiting for him.

As he approached her, he was perplexed to see her receive him with glowing smiles. She tells him, “Krishna, why do you look so sad and depressed? Are you scared of what would happen to me if you…

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Say Au Revoir & run for both your lives

Getty - affairs

I hear a lot about how more and more people are being drawn to the life-sexual as a pastime. & for some extra dough. The moralists will hound them; philosophers will judge the nature of the sexual act done for pure pleasure (this is philosophy blabber) as against the needs of (Lacanian, LOL) mirrorings (this means nothing in fact); theologians will burn the scarlet letter on both the wo/man. As for yours truly, I have nothing against consensual sexual encounters (including the one night stand) save for the following:

  1. Who can guarantee you won’t get AIDS? Condoms leak; body fluids do have a way of finding their way into the bloodstream. 
  2. What happens to your lovechild? I have not come across babies born out of the thin air. They do still find wee little wo/men at all sorts of places — abandoned and cursed to a life of charity. This last virtue is sadly wanting in wo/men professed to charitable lives. 

  1. Even if you take day-after pills, may be, a bit too regularly; can your man-friend wager that you won’t die of some weird cancer when you are fifty? Just so ’cause you took those friendly problem-solving pills from during a heist at a drugstore where they don’t bat their eyes seeing your boyfriend asking for them? 
  2. Is there one affair in the world which had a cool ending? Then those would not be called affairs and other dainty, but unspeakable names. 
  3. Oh, you think you need that extra oomph in your dully aching miserable life and what say; a little pleasure on the side did none any harm. Hmm? But then what is the difference between an animal in heat and you? 

Hinduism says that those who are in the Brahman, that is, the Godhead in the here and the now are Brahmacharins. You don’t need to be celibate to be cool and mystical; you need to be chaste to attain God. This blog is for those who are searching for ways to realize the truths of all the major religions in the world — if you are not; that too is cool; but let’s not judge. When you say: sex is cool; I say: sex is indeed cool. But only within marriage. Yah, I know I am sounding old and less than cool. But then who said  that you can be holy just by letting go , of losing control of your senses. I am aware that there is a lot of truth and blarney in Freud and repression and everything being sexual. Pooh, that sounds so defensive that before you rattle off your psychoanalytical blah; I’d fall asleep. Just try to be chaste one day at a time. You will go crazy for sure. But as the Buddha said in another context: you will feel the effects of nirvana.

Enough pontificating.  Have some charity for your kids — affairs and all sorts of stands ruin their lives.

Say a good healthy au revoir and run for your lives

Blue is the Warmest Color: Sexuality, Cinema, & Forget About Sochi

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Blue is the Warmest Color Poster

I’ve just returned from seeing Blue is the Warmest Color for the second time. Before my first viewing, I was not aware of the enormous controversy that surrounds the film nor had I received word of its extremely explicit sex scenes — I had only heard from a friend that it was the most honest movie they had seen in years. And it is. I don’t believe that I have ever seen a film that expresses the complexity and raw emotion of first love as successfully. But it’s not the writing that’s causing a stir, it’s the sex, and I have to admit that it’s hard to ignore. Tonight, I saw it with my mother, and sitting together through the nearly 20 minutes (all told) of uncensored, unscored, uncropped lovemaking was a little hard to handle.

But in thinking about the experience, I’ve come to wonder why exactly it put…

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from the Bhagavad Gita

The wise mourn not for those who live and they mourn not for those who die, for life and death shall pass away. Invisible before birth are all beings and after death invisible again. They are seen between two unseens. What is there in this for lamentation?


Evolution : A Hindu Perspective

“To love” is an acquired skill

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romanceFalling in love is easy. Too easy sometimes. We fall in love with someone who’s a little bit different than all the others we have met before, we fall in love when someone tells us something new about ourselves. we fall in love with the way someone acts or talks, we fall in love with people who have traits that are similar or exactly the opposite of ours.

There are just about a million different reasons why we fall in love.

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Live on Purpose, Live for Now

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Something to ponder on … a very well written post and fits in nicely in this blog. Thanks for sharing.

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Remember those days as a kid how you were so carefree? Life was easy to digest.
You could flip around all day, climb the highest trees, see how long you can hold your breath under water, how fast you can run, how many cartwheels you can do in a row, maybe build a huge lego castle…
Basically anything to challenge yourself. You had zero regards for safety, time, judgement, and more importantly – nothing else in mind but “I’m going see how far I can push this”

You were a daredevil. We all were.

So now what’s changed?
We grew up, we’ve built somewhat of a life for ourselves, we see our lives in a light that we seem to think is a lot clearer – less naive. We have so much to think about daily. In fact, the average person is bombarded with anywhere between 20,000-70,000 thoughts per day, but…

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On being lesbian and why it is important to be proud of being queer, God loves you for coming out

Few readers of this blog will deny that I have a religious sense. Albeit, a non-practising religious sense. I read many verses, am happy with seeking jouissance from them, and showing off my reading to the world in this and other blogs. I also like the good life. In a sense, I am your quintessential heteresexual married bloke — I dig the things that make life worth living. This includes the company of my wife. I am a strictly monogamous person; I have a policy of not having any women friends whose relationships with me are exclusive. Exclusivity is reserved for my wife. & I have a kid too. My daughter is the really great, great gift that God has given me. & then I start thinking — my kid may grow up to prefer other women over men. I am cool with that. For the gift of sexuality is also a gift from the same God who has given me our daughter. (My daughter is not even five.) But I am all for keeping options open. I don’t want my daughter to grow up and live a hidden life; a life of shame and penal punishment. I see nothing wrong in any woman to be homonormative. Homonormative folks have a right to their bodies and they alone can choose to make a gift of their bodies to their same-sex partners. But then I stick to my guns — if someone is gay, the same rules apply as they do to a heterosexual person. No sex, intimate relationships, exclusive relationships with other partners. 

When long hence my daughter will read this, she should know that her parents loved her — and urged her to try commitment. I am certain that commitment to one person is a gift rarely to be found now; and in the future — scary: will not be found at all. 


Nutcases from all the major religions of the world are barking up all the wrong trees. They are bothered whether gay people do have the right to make love, or trysts between women are cool. But the real tragedy is that people of all sexual orientations are experimenting with their sex-lives too much. & having more than one sexual partner counts for too much; at least in my scheme of things. The real dangers are those old sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, not to mention the roller coaster rides of being  nymphos or Don Juans . I have been told that syphilis is making a come-back. I hear of wife-swapping; FaceBook hook-ups and group sex. Someone also told me that having extra-marital sex aka affairs are signs that one has finally arrived in the higher echelons of Indian society. All these make me so pukish. LOL, I cannot have a free moment with my one family — how do others manage many wo/men? I don’t even want to know. Period. 

So here’s my list for being happy:

  1. Stick to your partner. 
  2. Don’t be afraid to be who you are — gay, lesbian, cross-dresser .
  3. Don’t get physically intimate with people with whom you know you are not going to spend your lifetime. 
  4. Do not confess your life on social media; so that some old flame (gay or otherwise) lends you a shoulder to cry — how many shoulders does a wo/man need to cry on? 
  5. If you are going to have sex and all that i write here are not deterrents, please go to a medical doctor first, and hear about the diseases you may get with polygamous behaviour. 
  6. Even if you believe nary a word of the major religions of the world — try out the Bhagavad Gita, the Gospel of John and some of the Upanishads. You’ll see some sense in restraining your urges. There has to be some difference between you and the lower animals who mate in heat. You are not a lower animal. You have agency and control over your body. 
  7. Give three hoots for those who deny the need for sexual expression. 
  8. If you are gay/lesbian; you do not have the right to bash all heteronormative folks; we too are humans you know!
  9. Avoid being intimate with those whom you think are so attractive. This rule applies when you are in a committed relationship. 
  10. There are no shortcuts to being holy — chastity is the norm whether you are straight or queer. 
  11. And if you are not straight, or you are bi-sexual, or you crave to change your sex, be honest and come out of your darned closet. Holiness demands that first you are comfortable about yourself, before preaching comfort to others. & if pundits tell you, you are shit for coming out — oh please, ask these learned blockheads how many times they looked with lust to other wo/men?Jesus says to tear out one’s eyes if they sin. Those a**holes who order you to repress who you are in the here and the now, need to be told to read the Bible. And the Bible also says, if we judge not, we won’t be judged. So if anyone is judging you, that person is not fit to be called a human. God loves all — the Self who is in all does not discriminate between straight and queer people.And remember Christ with that woman who was being pelted with stones? None really had the right to cast stones at her … remember God loves you with your sexuality. Sex is not a baggage, but a beautiful covenant between you and your partner. & may I add that even those of you who do not believe in God; God loves you more for daring to be homonormative in  a world structured around straight people. Do not fear — God is with you. But be chaste.