Reading 353, from the Hurdy Gurdy Man

I first heard the Hurdy Gurdy man watching a thriller/horror/serial-killer movie… the Hurdy Gurdy man will get you with his pal the Rolly Polly man

When the truth gets buried deep
Beneath the thousand years of sleep
Time demands a turn-around
And once again the truth is found
Awakening the Hurdy Gurdy Man
Who comes singing songs of love.

See on YouTube this song been performed by Donovan

That's the original cover...

and let the words sweep you off your feet.

Someday when my little daughter is all grown up and I am old, I want her to hear this song and know her dad loved listening to this song over and over again once he had seen the movie Zodiac. Dear daughter, beware, there are too many Hurdy Gurdies out in this big,bad, merciless world.  And if I am still around when you are reading this, your dad loves horror flicks, so go buy me some ; the splatter-punk kind and if I am gone, more down than up, then please do yourself a favor and start reading horror novels. They’ll teach you more of  life, the hypocrites who people our lives and the silly customs that bind  you in foolish reveries than any other sort of literature ever could. Damn it, your dad loves horror so much he’s bloody doing a PhD thesis on those neglected gems.Cheers to horror fiction and films. 

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