Reading 198, from Rajneesh Osho

[Someone wants to be closer to Osho. She says: Sometimes I feel very distant from you...]
Two things to be understood. One: you only feel distant sometimes because you are coming very close. People who are distant never feel they are distant – they have nothing to compare with. Because sometimes you come very close, that’s why you can feel that sometimes you go very far. It is a good sign, a happy indication, and it happens only to those who come very close, otherwise not.
You cannot remain close continuously, that’s true, because that will become unbearable; one can contain only so much joy. Slowly slowly you will contain more; then you will remain more and more close. But naturally, there is a rhythm: you come close and then you go away, you come close then you go away. Going away helps you to absorb me; otherwise when will you digest? One cannot sit at the dining table continuously and go on eating and eating and eating. One needs a few hours’ break – at least a six to eight hour gap between two meals, mm? Otherwise you will go mad and you will become spiritually fat… which is more dangerous than physical fatness! Don’t be worried!

The Madman’s Guide to Enlightenment

Rajneesh Osho

My notes:
Rajneesh Osho has his followers and his scorners. Last year I had visited his Ashram at Pune and was instantly repulsed by the way money speaking the loudest there. Everything seemed so artificial and gaudy to me. The poor are unwelcome here. As if the worst of the Hippies combined with a mockery of the East lives here. It seemed to me that the high ideals of Tantra have given way to mere debauchery here. But then I confess to possibly having a low level of intuitive spirituality. Believers need only to discard my opinion as so much drivel from someone innately blind.
I’d read Osho anytime rather than setting foot in that Ashram every again! God forgive me for judging, but I can’t help but be human.
Oops, they call the Ashram, a Meditation Resort!

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5 thoughts on “Reading 198, from Rajneesh Osho

  1. i have had read Osho from a long time and so have heard a lot about his ashram in the negative way, that is!!!

    Coming from you, I tend to believe it could be true and so, I better stick to his notes :)

  2. Does your believes sometimes contrast with your nature, cultural influences and physical appearence? …How do you balance or neutralize yourself to be able to maintain a mind presence where you can feel close and confortable to the relative truth?

  3. i have never been to rajneesh ashram.I came to know about him by a friend.One should visit rajneesh ashram to see the beauty of ashram and the people living there.And listen to the words of his followers and transform ourself.

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